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Teaching & Training (M. Phil. Course)

  • Two year regular fulltime course
  • Class-seminars and self-study assignments pertaining to the syllabus/coursework
  • Work in a multi-disciplinary team
  • Emphasis on clinical training: work with patients in in-patient and out-patient settings
  • Receive one-on-one supervision from faculty with respect to patient care, specifically, assessments and therapies
  • Participate in psychotherapy group-based training in addition to one-on- one supervision
  • Trainees go through a rotation of different clinical postings to get an exposure to specialty areas in clinical psychology including Adult Mental Health, Behaviour Medicine, Child And Adolescent Mental Health, Family Therapy, Neuropsychology, and Addiction Medicine, Community Mental Health, Rehabilitation (Neurological & Psychiatric).
  • Present and participate in departmental case conferences, seminars and journal clubs and interdepartmental teaching programs
  • Receive exposure to research by working on a dissertation as part of the course requirement


The Clinical Exposure program is designed to training for students to learn techniques/ modalities, to observe and participate in case discussions at CIIMHANS, to develop competence as well as acquire skills under supervision along with credence to be able to practically apply the skills.

Purpose of the Clinical Exposure Program

  • To enrich knowledge, skills, and learning through a digital experience
  • To broaden students perspective on practices of clinical psychology as well as interventions in a psychiatric set up
  • To provide experience on the field for student exploring a future career in psychology


Our Services
Psychometry Unit: The psychometry unit is an OPD referral-based service to conduct psychological assessments to aid in patient’s diagnosis and management. The testing that is carried out focuses on assessing developmental and intellectual functioning, and personality. Psychodiagnostic evaluation is carried out for children and adults. Disability assessment is also carried out for the recently included disabilities like Specific Learning Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual disability. The department also receives referrals from Juvenile Justice Board for evaluation of children in conflict with law. The unit also focuses on assessment of neuropsychological functioning of patients with dementia and traumatic brain injury, etc.
Psychotherapy Unit: This unit is the backbone of the department, as it provides services focusing on effective management of the patient and family members. Patients are referred from the OPD and in-patient set up for therapeutic interventions. The unit provides interventions such as cognitive therapies, client centered therapies, gestalt therapies, psychodynamic based therapies, behavior therapies, and newly evolved therapies like mindfulness based therapies for various abnormal mental conditions such as family and adjustment issues, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, substance dependence syndromes and addictions, personality problems, child issues, and psychosis etc. There are separate unit for rehabilitation and cognitive remediation for patients with neuropsychological deficits is also provided. Clients with no clinical symptoms or disorders are also received by the unit and appropriate services are provided like life self skills, school management programs.

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